Board of Trustees

  • Board of Trustees

    2013 Library Board: (from left, back row) Mary Schindler, Doris Crutcher, Lee Paysinger, Sue A. Jacobs; (from left, front row) Juan Guillen, Gay Maund, Mike Chapman

Established by Burbank Municipal Code, the seven Council-appointed members serve a four-year term. It is their mission to work with staff in an advisory capacity to ensure the optimum operation of the Burbank Library System, to represent community concerns and suggestions to the Library staff, to act as liaison between the Library and the City Council, and to represent and promote the Library and its undertakings. 

They meet the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM in the Central Library auditorium.

Board of Trustees

Mike Chapman  - 5/17/13 - 5/31/17
Doris A. Crutcher -  5/17/13 - 5/31/17
Juan Guillen  -  5/21/13 - 5/31/17
Sue A. Jacobs  -  5/17/11 - 5/31/15
Gay Maund  -  5/21/13 - 5/31/17
Lee Paysinger  -  5/17/11 - 5/31/15
Mary Schindler  -  5/21/13 - 5/31/17